This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) PBL Paradigm Shift 2) Flipped Assessment 3) PBL - Practice By Living
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EdScoop Weekly - October 13, 2016
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3 Teacher Tips for the PBL Paradigm Shift

In some respects, all the preparation in the world can’t ensure that a project will run smoothly because PBL is about being responsive, flexible and open to new possibilities beyond what we can anticipate or even imagine. Given the unknowns that accompany the rewards of PBL, how do we best prepare for existing in a project-based world? My belief is that first step to preparation has nothing to do with standards or a lesson plan.

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How can we flip assessment to build a PBL culture?

If we want to foster academic self-sufficiency, we must inculcate the notion within our students that they are their own first assessor. That means educators must establish a classroom culture and offer tools to foster metacognition and student self-assessment. As the Dewey quote below suggests, we must reshape “educative growth” as more than students generating correct answers.

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PBL: Practice By Living

Think of PBL not only as standing for Project Based Learning, but also as “practice by living.” School work matters to students because it so clearly connects to real life and prepares them for future life and work. In PBL, there is a magic mix of giving students voice and choice and requiring them to showcase their work in front of an authentic public audience. This combination insures that students are authentically engaged and invested in their learning. The power of this mix is amplified when the frequency increases. Practice makes better, especially with reflection and coaching.

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