This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) The Need for PBL 2) Student Led Conferences 3) 13 Free Downloads for Teachers
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EdScoop Weekly - September 1, 2016
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8 Needs For Project-Based Learning In The 21st Century

What if we had to settle on a handful (or two) of itemized characteristics for modern, connected, possibly place-based, and often digital project-based learning? Well, then the following might be useful.

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Why Students Should Take the Lead in Parent-Teacher Conferences

At King Middle School, the twice-yearly student-led conferences are “one of the most important things we do to have students own their own learning,” says Peter Hill, who helps prepare kids in his advisory class, or crew, for their meetings. “And yet, the students’ first impulse is to tear through their folders to find every best thing that they have done to show their parents.”

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13 Free Teacher Downloads for Back to School

Try something new this year. Check out this archive of Edutopia’s downloadable and printable back-to-school resources They include resources and ideas on how to shake up your surveys, assessments, classroom design, collaboration, technology use and much more!  

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Plan. Work. Assess. Show
Project Foundry simplifies how to get your arms around personalized, project-based learning. Project Foundry scaffolds the process while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects. You want to report outcome data? Yeah, we do that too.
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