This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) Summer Engagement 2) PBL Professional Development 3) Wall to Wall PBL
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EdScoop Weekly - June 2, 2016
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Beat the Summer Slide with Project-Based Learning

How can parents harness the positive energy we all associate with summer break instead of smother it with a workbook? I have found that my students (and my own kids) are more willing to grow and stretch when there is choice and high interest.

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Why PD Matters So Much for PBL Teachers

PBL has many elements. Teachers need to have on-going experiences and support with PBL themselves in order to make all of the elements work in tandem, just like when learning to ride a bike. Not only should teachers get to experience PBL, but they also need support during the implementation stages.

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Wall-to-Wall Project-Based Middle School Learning

As soon you enter the Bulldog campus, you immediately become aware of the commitment to project-based learning and student collaboration. Student work products are displayed on just about every surface possible and students can be found huddled together in the courtyard discussing their projects.

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Plan. Work. Assess. Show
Project Foundry simplifies how to get your arms around personalized, project-based learning. Project Foundry scaffolds the process while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects. You want to report outcome data? Yeah, we do that too.
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