This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) Real PBL Ideas 2) Future Ready PLP 3) PBL Equity
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EdScoop Weekly - September 22, 2016
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Making Room for Children's Ideas Through PBL

A recent experience at home reminded Jack Dieckmann that the unfolding of learning can emerge when tasks are in service of a bigger goal that children really care about. That evening, his six-year-old son Benjamin asked me, "Can you help me build a hospital for my dolls and stuffed animals?" Jack seized the opportunity to turn this into a project-based learning family moment. 

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The Personal Learning Plan: Goal Setting to Be Future Ready

Just imagine learners turning challenges they have into strengths! Consider those same learners enhancing their strengths so they are self-confident in what and how they learn. Wouldn’t it be great if your learners were able to set their own goals to explore careers and determine what experiences they need to be college and career ready?

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Project-Based Learning With an Equity Lens

At the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), their vision is that all students--no matter where they live or what their background--will have access to high quality project-based earning so they deepen their learning and achieve success in college, career and life. Why do they believe that all students should have access to project-based learning--especially students further from opportunity?

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Plan. Work. Assess. Show
Project Foundry simplifies how to get your arms around personalized, project-based learning. Project Foundry scaffolds the process while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects. You want to report outcome data? Yeah, we do that too.
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