This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) Teaching PBL Teachers 2) The Arts and PBL 3) Real Real Projects
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EdScoop Weekly - September 29, 2016
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Preparing Teachers for Project-Based Learning

One important aspect of preparation is project-based learning. It’s easy to do, but hard to do well. It’s increasingly aided by powerful research, production and collaboration tools and combined with personalized learning. It models and builds two sets of lifelong skills, practical self-management skills and deeper learning competencies forged by challenging work in novel situations.

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Arts-Infused Project-Based Learning: Crafting Beautiful Work

"I would argue that the arts is project-based learning," says Emily Crowhurst, a music teacher. "In every music lesson, whether it's a project lesson or what you might deem a typical lesson, there are project-based learning techniques going on naturally in the way that students are constantly critiquing and rehearsing what they're creating; and they're always working towards an end project that will have an authentic audience."

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Project Context Matrix

Defining project quality in project-based learning can be a tricky thing to do. What outcomes are we trying to measure? What determines the effectiveness of a project? New Tech Network’s Project Quality Checklist utilizes Adria Steinberg’s 6 A’s to determine if a project is ready to roll-out or to assess its quality after implementation.

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