This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) Beyond the Genius Bar 2) Mindfulness 3) Growth Mindset
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EdScoop Weekly - July 25, 2016
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Beyond the Genius Bar: Cultivating Leadership With a Student-Led Tech Team

Many of us would agree that the students are the ones who are usually the most knowledgeable, up-to-date resources for what is the latest and greatest with technology, so why not tap into their large knowledge base and cultivate their leadership potential?

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Cultivating Mindfulness in the Classroom
Mindfulness is about more than the stereotypes that might pop into your mind when you hear words like “meditation” and “guided visualization.” Teaching kids how to be more mindful and aware of their thoughts and feelings has been shown to improve memory and attention, boost learning outcomes, decrease behavior issues and more.
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Should We Stop Telling Kids They're Smart?

Carol Dweck finds that the words adults use to describe kids' progress affects the children's belief in their own potential.

Carol Dweck is a professor at Stanford and the author of Mindset, a classic work on motivation. She studies the benefits of a "growth mindset," which is the belief that we can improve and grow. She has also taught at Harvard and Columbia.

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Plan. Work. Assess. Show
Project Foundry simplifies how to get your arms around personalized, project-based learning. Project Foundry scaffolds the process while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects. You want to report outcome data? Yeah, we do that too.
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