This week we highlight 3 articles. 1) PBL Teacher Mindsets 2) PBL Learning Communities 3) Drive Inquiry in PBL
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EdScoop Weekly - October 6, 2016
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Teaching is a Project-Based Profession: 10 PBL Teacher Mindsets

Those who are training students and eventually future employees – TEACHERS – have a great task at hand. A project-based learning (PBL) teacher who is prepared to teach students how to successfully manage projects has a PBL mindset. A teacher with this mindset views projects as the umbrella for how they get their work done and for how students learn. They are skilled project managers, facilitators, advisors and coaches, encouraging students to conduct high-quality projects from start to finish.

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How to Create the Learning Community Vital to Project-Based Learning’s Success

Too often, skills are segmented in school, with a separate curricula for each subject, for social and emotional learning, for study skills. Teaching through discovery and requiring students to use skills and dispositions whose definitions have been co-constructed is much more effective.

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Using The QFT To Drive Inquiry In Project-Based Learning

While there are many ways you can use the QFT in any classroom, and the Right Question Institute (RQI) provides some great examples on their web site, it can be a valuable tool in a project based-learning setting as well. This type of rich inquiry elevates student autonomy and collaboration in a Yes, And sort of way and helps create a culture focused on safety in discovery rather than intimidating teacher coverage.

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